Thursday, April 1, 2010

Response from Around Wisconsin and Around America

Reactions are coming in from across the internet to Jay's announcement that he is running for Congress against Paul Ryan (R-TeaPartyHysteria). We got this email here at JBHQ from Mark Teight, chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party:
I have known Jay since 2003, and I can state with confidence that he will be a strong candidate against Paul Ryan. I wish him the best of luck and pledge the full support of Wisconsin's Democrats as this campaign progresses.
Also in the inbox this morning, a nice note from Rep. Chester Von Hallen, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:
We have long sought a credible candidate against Ryan, because we believe that he can be beat. With Jay Bullock in this race, we are certain that this is the year! Red-to-Blue, here we come!
As far as we can tell, there has been no official reaction from the Ryan campaign, although we're hearing rumors that the oppo research is starting hot and heavy from what must be a very, very worried Republican party.

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