Thursday, April 1, 2010

Official Announcement: Jay Bullock is No Longer Running for Congress

by Jay Bullock

Hi. Jay here. I am very sorry to say that I am dropping out of the race against Paul Ryan for Congress. I hate to have to do it, since Paul Ryan really needs to be defeated this fall. But the truth is out there now, and there's no getting around it.

It's true. The rumors are true.

I was born in Canada, and I am not an American citizen, and, therefore, have to withdraw from this race.

Rest assured, I will keep up the good fight against Paul Ryan for as long as I have voice to blog. It is heartening--and, indeed, humbling--to know that so many of you have been so energized by this eighteen-hour campaign, which suggests to me that change is in the air, and Paul Ryan and the GOP ought to be on notice.


  1. Why have you not become a citizen? There are millions of people living here who have not become citizens. Can you tell us why you have not?

  2. (psssst ..... this was all an elaborate April Fools....)

  3. Yeah, I came late to the party. April 4th to be exact and did not pay attention to the posting date.
    I will wipe the chagrin off my face now and move on.